Tony Castro & Company
Tony Castro has been creating and restoring decorative painting for
more than twenty-five years.  Please view the various categories below
for images and descriptions of projects.  You may choose a category
by clicking on its image.  All styles of decorative painting can be
restored, replicated, and created.
    Trompe l'oeil has been a specialty with Tony Castro & Company.  These
    trick the eye decorations have long been used in Europe and found
    popularity in the United States during the Victorian era.
    All sorts of decorative accents can be painted on furniture and
    architectural elements.  In many cases a customer has had an idea in mind
    and we have made it come to life.   
trompe l'oeil
decorative painting
    Murals both commercial and residential bring energy to any space.  
    Working with the customer to capture the right scene and style, we can
    fill any surface with all that you can imagine.
    Restoration of historic decorative painting is where Tony Castro &
    Company got its start in 1987.  Extensive conservation and restoration
    projects have been accomplished.
about us.
We specialize in the restoration and creation of works of art           
on plaster, wood, and canvas.